Cygnett has an iPhone case for every need – A review of just three of their options

If there is one thing that is true about iPhone cases it is that there is one for you no matter what your need is in that case or your aesthetic taste.  No where is that potentially more true than with Cygnett.  The Australian company has dozens of styles of cases for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5s to meet virtually any look, feel and design you have in mind.  Recently their marketing firm Sandbox Strategies sent me three samples to review to give you the AlliOSNews readers an idea of what they have available.

The first case I tried was the UrbanShield line.  It is a brushed aluminum case and in my case it has a bronze color to it.  It looks fantastic and is what I would say is a more hip or professional looking case of the three.  The back is the brushed aluminum while the sides of the case which snap over the sides of your iPhone are a snug fitting rubber material which

Cygnett Urban Shield Case

Cygnett Urban Shield Case

snaps around your iPhone.  There are holes cut into the side of the case so  you can access the mute switch and volume up/down buttons on your iPhone and there is a hole in the back to allow for you to snap photos with your iPhone without having to remove the case.  The UrbanShield case does not add really any weight or bulk to the iPhone which is an added plus.  You don’t feel like your iPhone suddenly became big in your hand with this case on it.

As an added benefit, Cygnett provides a screen protector with the UrbanShield case so you have complete protection of your iPhone.  As with all screen protectors they are a bit tricky to install but I did not find them any more difficult than others on the market.

Installing the case on my iPhone 4S was easy.  I started by putting one edge of my iPhone into the case then sliding the other side down into it.  It will be a tight fit as that is the design so a little force is required to get the final edges over the phone.  Getting the case off was a bit more of a challenge as it really hugs the iPhone.

The UrbanShield line up comes in black, blue, bronze, and silver and are $19.99 directly from Cygnett.  You can get more information on this case at this link.

Next I looked at the WorkMate Pro case.  This, as the name implies, is aimed at those who need a rugged case for their iPhone that provides maximum protection.  Considerably larger than the UrbanShield case, the WorkMate Pro is made up of a silicon sleeve that wraps around your iPhone with a polycarbonate

Cygnett WorkMate Pro case

Cygnett WorkMate Pro case

shell that goes around the silicon sleeve.  The two together provide shock resistance and protection for accidental drops and knocks.  It is not a waterproof case or a drop-it-from-a-plane shock proof but it is good protection.

The WorkMate Pro is a good functional case however for the normal day-to-day use of an iPhone.  You have a notch in the case to access the mute switch and the 30-pin charger port as well as the headphone jack.  The silicon sleeve covers the volume up/down buttons, power button and home button but all can easily be pressed through the sleeve.

This case does add some size and weight to your iPhone but not overly so.  It is more noticeable when you use this case as it fills your hand up more so than the iPhone with the UrbanShield case.  Compared to other cases designed to provide similar protection, I think Cygnett has done a good job with this design in that it doesn’t completely overwhelm your iPhone.  It looks like you still have an iPhone, not a chunky block of something with a screen on it.

The WorkMate Pro case comes in black and grey or orange and grey and is $19.99 from Cygnett.  Like the UrbanShield case, it comes with a screen protector for your iPhone.  You can get more information on this case at this link.

The final case from Cygnett I will cover is a really fun case, the London Tube Map case.  This case, which is similar in style to the UrbanShield case, is a plastic shell-type case which features a partial map

Cygnett Tube Map Case

Cygnett Tube Map Case

of the London Underground, also known as “the tube”.  This case is officially licensed by the Transport of London and bears the Underground logo on the packaging and on the case itself.

The Tube Map case fits snuggly around your iPhone 4/4S with the sides of the case a clear high impact plastic.  Notches on the sides, top and bottom give you access to all of your iPhone controls without having to remove the case.  The white back of the case has the clearly printed Tube Map on it which if you are familiar with the London Underground, you will quickly see that it is basically all of Zone 1, the central London area.  If you know which color represents which line you could quite easily use it as a real Tube map.

The Tube Map case is $29.99 and is one of two officially licensed Underground cases.  In addition to this one Cygnett also has the Underground logo case , a black or white (night or day) list of the Tube lines and a nice Tube Train case available for the same price.  You can get the Tube Map case here.

These are just three of the cases that Cygnett has to offer and while I’ve been focusing on iPhone 4/4S cases, all three of these cases are also available for the iPhone 5.  You can read Tricia’s thoughts on the iPhone 5 versions here.

To see the complete lineup of Cygnett cases for iPhone, visit the Cygnett site.