With the release of iOS 5, Twitter integration came to the Apple mobile OS in a big way.  Now from apps such as Photos and Safari you can Tweet content to your Twitter account on-the-fly without having to open the actual Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.  The same is true for other apps such as Instagram, Klout and others who can gain access to the embedded Twitter functions in iOS 5 to allow you to Tweet information from within the app.

While this is clearly convenient, there may be times where you do not want an app to have access to your Twitter account information on your iPhone or iPad.  Perhaps it is an app you do not use often or it is simply a matter of “you don’t need access to that!”. :-)  Either way or for whatever reason, Apple has made it easy to control which apps can and cannot access the Twitter information on your iPhone or iPad.

To see your Twitter account information and the apps that have access to it, on your iPhone or iPad go to Settings and then go to Twitter.  Here you will see all of the Twitter accounts you have configured on your device.  At the bottom of this

Selecting Apps allows to access Twitter on your iPad

Selecting Apps allows to access Twitter on your iPad

screen is a section “Allow” which is where all of the applications that can access your Twitter account are listed.  If you want to prevent an app from being able to use your Twitter information, simply slide the On/Off slider to Off for that app and you are done.  Now that application will not have access to your Twitter account.  This means that if you wanted to Tweet from that app, you won’t be able to do so.

Keep in mind that these settings are device specific meaning that you will need to check both your iPhone and your iPad as you likely have different applications installed on both that have access to Twitter.

Why would you ever need to prevent an app from accessing your Twitter information?  In reality, probably never.  Apple’s tight control of what apps have access to on your device – a key benefit to having a single app store for developers – means that the chances of you downloading or purchasing an app that is malware are remote.  Still, it is possible as nothing is 100%.  The key is that you have the ability to control this aspect of iOS to your personal level of comfort.  Also keep in mind that Apple now requires any application that wants access to your Twitter account information to notify you when you configure and/or install that application.  There should be no surprises by what you find in this section of Settings for Twitter.

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