As much of a technical marvel the latest iPad is, there are some subtle things that the device does that are simply amazing  - sorry for sounding like an Apple advert!

One of those is the Smart Cover.  Introduced with the iPad 2, the Smart Cover is available in either Polyurethane or leather (including the PRODUCT (RED) version I happen to be sporting) that both protects and cleans the display of your iPad as you transport it with you.  Be default when you close the Smart Cover on your iPad it will turn off the device, saving battery life.  Further, if you have set up your iPad to have a locking passcode – which everyone should have configured – it will

iPad with Smart Cover

iPad with Smart Cover

automatically lock the screen for you (assuming you pass the timer threshold you have configured for locking the device).  This means that you can shut off your iPad simply by closing the cover.  No need to touch the power button after you close it either.  Further, when you open your Smart Cover, your iPad comes back to life, ready to use.

There are times however that having your iPad stay on while you have the Smart Cover closed is more handy than having it turn off the screen.  For example, if you are using your iPad at work and moving from one conference room to another for meetings, having your iPad remain on with your note taking application active can be both handy and gets you going in your next meeting faster.  Fortunately Apple has made it very easy to change the way your Smart Cover behaves with your iPad.

Smart Cover Auto Lock in Settings

Smart Cover Auto Lock in Settings

All you need to do is go into Settings on your iPad under the General settings.  Halfway down you will see a setting for “iPad Cover Lock/Unlock”.  Turn that to OFF and now your iPad will remain awake even when the Smart Cover is closed.  If you have this featured turned off you will need to remember to use the power button to turn off your iPad or wait until your Auto-Lock timer expires.  Of course, if you want to turn the feature back to its default settings, just turn the setting back to the ON position.

If you are new to an iPad and are curious what a Smart Cover is, check out the Apple site for information about them.

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