How To Record HD Videos in the iPhone Facebook App

Most of you are reading this already know that the Facebook app for iPhone has the ability to take photos or shoot video directly from within the app.  Well, technically it uses the Camera app built into your iPhone but nevertheless, you can access it and upload content directly from within the Facebook app.

What most don’t know however is that the upload quality of videos by default are set to Standard Definition

Setting Videos to be Recorded in HD in The Facebook App

when you upload them to Facebook from within the app.  This is to save on upload times when you are using 3G networks to get your content to the social site.  There is a way however to make sure that your video uploads to Facebook are in HD and it does not require a jailbreak.  It is as simple has making the change in your Facebook app settings.

Like other apps, the Facebook app has settings buried deep inside the Settings section of your iPhone.  95% of the time none of us ever need to go into these settings because 95% of the time the default settings do exactly what most of us need.  Videos in HD for Facebook is one of those 5% times where you need to make an adjustment.  To do this, go to Settings on your iPhone then scroll down until the find Facebook.  Tap it and you are brought to a wide range of settings for the app.  The one we are interested in is the 3rd one down the list, “Record HD Video”.  Set this to On and the videos you shoot will now be uploaded to Facebook in HD (720p).

Just as a sidebar conversation, you will also see that you can adjust things like your Facebook Push Notifications here as well how you are alerted when a new message comes in for you on Facebook.

The key thing to keep in mind is the upload times and data used when you have this feature turned on in the Facebook app.  HD videos are larger so they take longer to upload and consume more bandwidth when you are uploading them.  Keep this in mind if you are uploading on your AT&T or Verizon data plan which is likely limited.  Sprint users are most often on unlimited plans so it is not as big a deal other than the time required to upload the videos.  My recommendation is to leave this feature off unless you plan on waiting to upload videos when you are on WiFi.