Apple does not Follow Market Demands – They Create Them [Opinion]

Over the course of the past two weeks I’ve seen a steady stream of “leaks” and rumors related to the next iPhone.  These rumors have pointed to a lot of different features being added including LTE support and a larger display.  But the pieces I’ve found most interesting goes something along the lines of this:

In order for Apple to remain competitive and meet market demands, the iPhone 5 must have a 4″ display or larger to compete with the likes of Samsung.

As one of my favorite characters on television says, hokum.

Since when exactly has Apple ever listened to “market demands”?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it….  (spoiler alert: Never!)

If Apple is to come out with a larger display iPhone this year, it will not be because of market demand.  They don’t follow those, they create them for everyone else to follow.

Apple has committed to the 3.5″ display of the iPhone since its launch.  At the time of the original launch, the screen size was large compared to others devices that were out there.  But as time has marched on, the 3.5″ display now is small compared to the 4″, 4.5″ and larger displays on some Google devices. By sticking with this size display they have been able to keep the form factors uniform, creating a huge accessory market for iPhone owners.  Add to that Apple’s comments that the 3.5″ display makes it easier to navigate the device and it seems all pretty logical at the end of the day.

I’m not suggesting that Apple won’t increase the size of the iPhone display in the next release.  It could very well be possible but if they do it will not be because of any competitor device or “market demand”.  It will be for a reason that squarely and solely benefits Apple.  Steve Jobs made it clear that Apple is in the business of creating things that people don’t know they want or need yet.  The iPhone is an example of this – as is the iPad – as is the Macbook Air and so on and so forth.  Apple has never been reactionary to the market.  They have if anything driven the market to better benefit their vision of what a phone, tablet and computer should be.

There is only one reason for Apple to change the form factor and create a larger display iPhone – which in turn would lead to a larger overall iPhone.  That reason is LTE.  LTE news more battery power and the more space you have in the device, the more battery you can shove into it.  Plain and simple.  It appears that Apple is committed to LTE and the carriers are demanding it from them.  This will likely lead to a larger iPhone 5.

To suggest however it will be because of Google and/or Samsung is selling Apple short.  Apple never has been one to react to the market.  They create it and shape it to their needs and desires.

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