How To Change Tasks from Exchange to iCloud Reminders

One of the many new features that came in iOS 5 was Reminders, an application that allows you to create tasks, lists and other things that you need to be reminded of at some later point.  Reminders leverages iCloud so your items will appear on all of your iOS devices and with the preview of OS X Mountain Lion last week, Reminders is coming to the desktop later this summer.  One of the best attributes of Reminders is that it can leverage iCloud for storing your items or you can leverage Exchange if you are using that platform at home (think Office365) or in your corporate environment.  Depending on your work flow and how much you want to leverage iCloud, you can move your default reminders list (or tasks) from Exchange to iCloud and vise-versa easily on your iPhone or iPad.

The first thing to go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars on your iOS device.  Here you will see all of the various settings for your mail accounts as well as your calendars and contacts.  The Reminders settings are at the very bottom of the page and give you two options.  The first is how far backReminders Settings in Mail Settings you want to synchronize data to your device.  If you use Reminders as a task list then it is a good idea to synchronize back a couple of weeks if not a month to make sure you can access this information quick from your iPhone or iPad.  The second setting is the Default List.  This is where the actual location of your reminders are kept.  In my case I can chose between Exchange and iCloud.  Since I’m leveraging iCloud more – and that will be even more the case with Mountain Lion – I’m saving my Reminders in iCloud.

If you move from Exchange to iCloud any existing reminders will remain where they were created.  If you want to move them you will need to go into each of them and move them to the new location.

If you ever want to move back from iCloud to Exchange, just follow these steps in reverse.