Will March 7, 2012 Be The Biggest Launch Day Ever for Apple? [Opinion]

One of the things I try to do here at AlliOSNews is give information on the here-and-now.  Rarely do I report on rumors as they are just that:  Rumors.  As my wife is fond of saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  But the challenge with avoiding this discussion is the unbelievable amount of rumors floating around not just a potential iPad 3 but a whole host of Apple products.  If you believe some of the rumors out there, March 7, 2012 could be the single biggest launch day ever for Apple.

I’ll start with the most obvious, the iPad 3.  There seems to be little doubt there will be a new iPad come March 7th while there remains much doubt about what it will have as far as features.  Will it have Retina display?  Likely.  LTE support?  Potentially.  A tea cup warmer?  Likely not.  But all indications are that there will be a new iPad early next month.

What about the much rumored Apple Television, or iTV (although the British broadcaster ITV has already warned Apple not to name it that)?  Will we see it?  After all, Steve Jobs in his last days indicated he had “cracked the code” on televisions.  Will we see a TV with Siri?  Will be see a Kinect-like gesture interface?  Or maybe there is no TV coming at all.  Perhaps it is a new and improved Apple TV.  Have you tried to buy one the last couple of weeks?  If you have chances are you haven’t been able to find one.  That’s because there are none readily available.  If the past is any indication, this usually means a refresh is coming.  What could it contain?  Siri?  Apps?

But there are also rumors that the Macbook Air is about to get updated and even a rumor of a MacBook Pro 15″ air-like refresh?  Will we see that?

Will we see iOS 5.1 make its debut?  It’s been in developers hands for several months now and is reported to add several features and address the iPhone 4S battery challenges.

Could we see a complete refresh of iTunes, one of the latest rumors circulating?

You see, March 7th has the potential to be one of those jaw-dropping days for those of us who blog on this stuff every day… or it could be the launch of one single device.  Or it could be nothing.  Apple hasn’t officially confirmed March 7th.  That came from the Wall Street Journal.

If it were Christmas I would say we could either get our wildest dreams answered or a lump of coal.  But in March… will it rain on our parade or will the flowers be blooming?

Let’s chat in a couple of weeks shall we?