Bump for iOS gets a major update with a new UI

Bump, the popular contact sharing and social networking app, has just gone to version 3.0 and is it ever impressive.  The new version sports a completely new User Interface that is cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous version.  It also brings the ability to bump your contact information to another iPhone or Android users without having to tap a single button on your device – a big time saver!

For those who have not heard of bump, think of it as the new way to trade business cards.  It is a great way to share contact information with people without having to hand out an easy-to-loose-dead-tree business card.  I’ve been using Bump for nearly three years now and I can unscientifically say that my business card handing out has dropped by 50% in that time.  My first question, especially at trade shows, is “Do you Bump Splashscreenhave Bump?”  If so, I quickly flick my iPhone in their direction and they instantly have my contact information.  I’ve even had people download the app right there just to give it a try.  Once you use it once you never go back to just business cards.  With the new version you can even email your contact information directly from the app itself.

In addition to contact information Bump allows you to share photos and now with 3.0 you can see which of your contacts are also using Bump on their iPhone or Android device.

Bump is free and available in the App Store

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