Google Search updated with improved UI and swipe controls

Google has just released a new version of their Google Search app in the App Store that brings an improved user interface and swipe controls among several other smaller updates to the popular search app.  The app, which is a universal build for iPhone, iPad and iPad 2 has now added support for the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G as well.

The new UI brings minor updates that really support the two new swipe controls that are in the app.  After doing a search, if you swipe right across your iPhone or iPad you will be brought to a more specific search function without having to completely start the search again.  Further, if you swipe down, you can access Google Search settings as well as your Google account directly from within the app.

Like all of the Google apps in the App Store – and there are plenty – Google Search is free.

[Link to Google Search in the App Store]