Angry Birds HD gets a new theme and 15 new levels

If you are a raving fan of Angry Birds – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – the team over at Chillingo have just released an update for the iPad version that you need to go download.  The update to Angry Birds HD brings a new badlands theme, 15 new levels and an all new Eagle to add to your arsenal.  As you would expect, there is also a new Golden Egg for you to achieve.

Just in the off chance you have not seen or heard of Angry Birds, it is a game where you sling birds – who are angry of course – at pigs in various fortified castles of stone, brick and glass.  Why are the birds angry you ask?  Well it is because the pigs have stolen their eggs!  :-)

The game is simple enough in theory but it amazingly addictive.  This has become one of the most popular games ever for iPhone and Android and is the #1 game for iPad.  It will keep you playing and guessing on how to beat the pigs for hours.

Angry Birds HD is $4.99 in the App Store.  If you already own Angry Birds HD, this update is free of course.

[Angry Birds HD – Chillingo Ltd]

While Angry Birds for iPhone was not update this morning (I would expect to see it in a day or two) you can get it for .99 Cents.  Both versions support Game Center in iOS 4.2.

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