The Best Fitness Tracker Watch


The first name that comes to mind when looking for a fitness watch is Fitbit, followed closely by an Apple Watch and third by Garmin with its Vivo watches, we will quickly analyze three, mostly for my benefit before purchasing one. Price is a factor, design and features are a must. I mostly need one to track my heart rate, steps taken, and perhaps if it has a cool interface, to monitor my diet and track my symptoms as well.

Let’s start with the Apple Watch, it has the Health Kit which basically means all it’s sensors are accessible by app developers and that means a whole bunch of apps that can now track the exact same stuff and that now its a design war. It’s more of a fashion watch that costs $699, and the battery life is not that good, so this is out.

Fitbit, the software is good, the tracking accuracy is good, the designs aren’t bad, the battery life is apparently terrible, the feature set is good enough, the price is moderate depending on which one. Might have a winner over here. I am specifically looking at the HR version.

Jawbone UP3, the app is nicer, the history on device is longer as well, it has more biofeedback available. Sleep tracking is also available.  Apparently the clasp is a problem, its not water proof and it doesn’t measure your heart rate consistently but once every 15 minutes… sounds like a deal breaker! It does look good, with its minimal stylish design.

I didn’t get a chance to review the Garmin as promised but will do so in another post, the jawbone for now seemed pretty interesting in and of it self. So far, I am still undecided and think Fitbit is winning my health tracker dollars.


Tracking Medication



It’s most likely not insightful to gloat about what number of pills you can take without a moment’s delay, however I just scored an individual record of 10. I neglected to take one morning of pills recommended by my doctor  and my lunchtime prize was a bite of disagreeableness.

I think it was not the most empowering thing to do. Wishing to abstain from rehashing the episode, I attempted some applications that remind clients to take their prescriptions, including MedsLog, Medsy, TrackMyStack, etc. Most of these provide the same thing: Easily view when your next dose should be consumed. – View a log of past consumptions. – Email the data to yourself or you physician.

MedsLog ($4, with a free Lite adaptation, just for the iPhone) was the most full-included application I attempted, yet it was harder to use than numerous others.  This is only available on the MAC and there is no website to link to, so grab this one if interested from the Apple Store.

TrackMyStack – a site we have referenced often provides a more comprehensive solution such as supplements and drugs with refill reminders and to read reviews of such drugs and supplements, pretty useful, however, no app? what gives… it does email you your reminders however. I would recommend this tracker to anyone that has a chronic illness or wants to reach a health goal which involves taking certain drugs or supplements.
Medsy ($2) was more easy to use than MedsLog, however had numerous less components, for example it was lacking the most common supplements such as adrafinil. Touch the add image and tap for the sake of your pharmaceutical. The auto-fill highlight from MedsLog is, tragically, missing here. After, pick the amount and recurrence of measurements.

It’s a decent touch, however what separates Medsy from MedsLog and others is that it will with no additional steps, push alarms notwithstanding when the iPhone is bolted, when different applications are running and when you have no cell or information association. On the off chance that the ringer is off, the telephone vibrates until you react.

Medsy is, be that as it may, restricted in one imperative appreciation. The vast majority of my solutions should be brought with suppers three times every day, which is a sufficiently typical remedy. I couldn’t set the alarms as needs be.

Dose cast, another application, is maybe the best of the iPhone-just offerings. The application is free for the main month, and $4 after that, however it will be justified regardless of the cost for generally clients. It lets you set updates as per your own particular timetable, or, if particular interims are vital, it will set a calendar for you. You can kill the interim updates amid sleep time, on the off chance that you wish.

You might likewise email a rundown of your solutions and your consistence history to anybody you wish. One disadvantage is that clients will miss an update on the off chance that they don’t have a 3G or Wi-Fi association.
Likewise with Medsy, the application takes into account “push” notices when different projects are running, or when the gadget is bolted. The product has a more drawn out rundown of elements than Medsy, in any case. In addition to other things, it can store the majority of your medicinal contacts and make a telephone call with a solitary push of a catch.

It’s a profoundly valuable component when you’re on your last pill and you need to require a refill before it slips your mind. Then again, maybe, when you have a fistful of pills and a pestering suspicion that gulping every one of them on the double may not be such an awesome thought.


Health Trackers


There is resurgence in the amount of physical and software trackers available for the iOS. Today I will review the top 3 health trackers available in the market especially that have integrations with Apple’s health kit or just an iOS app either for iPad or iOS. We may wander off and also review apps that are generally available online as well that can be really handy.

Fitness Trackers

Right off the bat, the apple watch can do a lot in terms of monitoring your health. The only off putting part about the apple watch is it’s price tag which can range up to $10k if you are buying pretty little rose gold watch. The watch is capable and with addons handle and manage information on your blood pressure, your heart rate, the amount of steps you have taken.

Learn more about apple watch’s health features here.

Supplement  (Vitamin + Minerals) Trackers

This one is not an app yet but there website claims that it will be one very soon and we are excited. If you have been living under a rock, the concept of supplement stacks should not be new to you. It is a series of pills, otc, legal, illegal, medical you take to reach your goal, as our old folks use to say, a “regimen”. Now you can see if there is a regimen for your health issues, health goals, health conditions and health symptoms. The app lets you record your experience, adherence, track your daily values to see how well your are doing.

Build your stack today, or learn about different supplements like choline alphoscerate today.

Calorie Trackers

The holy sha bam bam of all tracking when it comes to health, myfitnesspal reigns king but there are many others gunning for the top spot. However we think it’ll be tough as they now have the backing of UnderAmour.